Month: February 2021


Why a Condom is the Best Contraceptive Method

Condoms are so widely used that it’s easy to see that they are the best contraceptive method to use. Why is this though? Here are some good reasons why condoms are king. The Prevention of STIs and STDs I’ll start with one of the more obvious reasons, STI/STD infection. While other methods of contraception work […]


7 Non-Sexual Uses for Condoms

While the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about condoms is sex; they have a lot more uses. Here, I will go into my top 10 uses for a condom (that don’t involve sex). Great news for those guys reading that optimistically bought a bumper pack of condoms for their trip […]

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7 Rules for Condoms and Safe Sex

As we move further into the 21st century, condoms are becoming an increasingly vital part of people’s lives. Whether they be for couples that don’t want children or to stay free from infection, for teenagers exploring their sexuality, and all in between; condoms are used by many. Not only do they act as a safe […]