Month: March 2021

banned condom commercials

The Top 5 Banned Condom Commercials

With such a needlessly taboo subject, condom manufacturers struggle to walk the fine line of appropriacy and often go that step too far, often to hilarious results. So, in a tribute to the very best banned condom commercials – and to their creators – I took a look into some of the funniest and wackiest. […]

Four Popular Condom Alternatives

While condoms are by far the best contraceptive method, there are always alternatives for those that, for whatever reason, can’t wear or don’t like or can’t wear the often go-to choice of the world, the condom. As mentioned frequently through this, website. The condom is the safest and most reliable contraceptive device out there. While […]

Condoms: Popular Myths Debunked

Over the years the condom has garnered a magnitude of myths to surround them. While many of the more elaborate ones are taken with a pinch of salt by most, there still exist “facts” that people take to heart and live by. The problem here is that owing to this mythos, people are still rejecting […]