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Is a condom still a thing

Is a condom still a thing?

The sexual pleasure of men and women is the foundation of their relationship. Therefore, is a condom still a thing? people must understand the importance of having a healthy sexual relationship. However, it is also very dangerous to get infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This is why people must be aware of […]

Durex condom

Why is the Durex condom better than other Condoms?

For many years, the Durex condom has tried its best to fulfill the needs of adults in a relationship. The company has been known to develop innovative products that can increase the pleasure of its users while protecting them from sexually transmitted diseases. Around a billion Durex condoms are made annually in various parts of […]

Talk Safe Sex

Lets Talk About SAFE Sex

Sex is a wonderful way to show the person you love that you love them both emotionally, and physically. However good sex is, safe sex is always better unless you plan on starting a family. If you are not planning on starting a family there are many ways to protect and prevent pregnancy, however, you […]

How to Have Safe Sexual Activity

How to Have Safe Sexual Activity

If you are like most teenagers then high school is a very important time in your life. It is also a time when you are more interested in boys than ever and boys will be more interested in females than ever and this is a situation that leads to sexual tension. The majority of high […]

Condom sizes - The importance of picking

Condom sizes – The importance of picking the right condom size

Why use Condoms? Bedroom fun is a part of our adult life and it is something normal, something that the organism actually needs. However, we all have to make sure that we are very responsible when we start a new relationship, so protection is very important. Unprotected intercourse can bring all sorts of unwanted problems […]

A Brief History of the Condom Image

A Brief History of the Condom

While conducting research for another article, I came across a fascinating little bit on that highlighted the history of the condom. I was enlightened and I hope you will be as well. To my surprise, the condom, in some form or fashion, has been around since 1000 BC. It was originally used by the […]

Importance of Safe Sex

Importance of Safe Sex

HIV or AIDS is incurable. The infection, once transmitted, cannot be reversed, though advanced medical treatments do help to delay the progression of the disease. Adequate protection is therefore of utmost importance. One important way to ensure this is to always practice safe, or protected sex. Safe sex can also prevent other sexually transmitted diseases […]

How to Put on A Condom (women only)

How to Put on A Condom (women only)

It’s way sexier for the woman to put a condom on a man, than for the man to do it.  So ladies, getover your shyness and learn how to do this properly. Condoms come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and yes flavors.  Some are even ribbed or non- ribbed.  Some have spermicide and some do […]