Do you know how effective is a condom?

Do you know how effective is a condom

High-quality condoms are known for their maximum percentage of effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, they must be properly used. All beginners to the condoms are advised to follow the absolute guidelines to use the condom every time they have oral, anal, or vaginal sex. They have to know and keep in mind how effective are condoms against pregnancy. If they properly use condoms every single time they have sex, then they can make certain that such condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. On the other hand, many adults are not perfect. Real-life condoms are only about 85% effective. You must know how effective is a condom to prevent pregnancy and make a good decision to enjoy a sex life devoid of compromising any favorable thing.

The best suggestions for effectively using the condom

Experts in condoms reveal easy-to-follow suggestions about how to use the condoms correctly every time adults have sex. You can focus on and follow such suggestions to maximize the chance of safe and satisfying sex. It is an appropriate time to know how to make your condoms as effective as possible. You have to use your condoms correctly every time you have anal, oral, and vaginal sex and make sure that you get the desired benefits from condoms. Do not forget to wear a suitable condom as per guidelines and keep it the whole time during the sex session. You must double-check that your condom is rolled on the penis in the best way before there is any skin-to-skin contact in the genital part.

Many women search for birth control options other than condoms. They can use the condom along with the birth control products like the shot, IUD, and pill. Adults who use such methods can get absolute protection against sexually transmitted diseases and get additional pregnancy prevention. They use a withdrawal option while wearing a condom to keep sperm out of the vagina to reduce the risk of pregnancy. They must not use any condom worn on the penis together with an internal condom. You may misunderstand that doubling up the condoms gives you maximum protection. You have to know that the condom is designed to be used on its own. If you double up the condoms, then you cannot get any additional protection. Do not forget the check the date on the condom box or wrapper before using it.

How to get 100% satisfaction from using the condom

Experts in the condoms of the top brands in particular Durex condoms nowadays take note of the ever-increasing requirements of customers. They use and recommend a condom with a reservoir tip designed to catch semen subsequent to ejaculation. They lightly pinch the condom’s top and place it at the top of the penis. This is because to get rid of trapped air and such air can cause the condom to burst. Regular users of the condoms roll the condom until it is entirely rolled out. They throw it away and start over when it is inside out.