What are the effects of using flavored condoms?

flavored condoms

Due to the increasing number of people wanting more sexual pleasure, the condom industry has been working hard to create various types to fulfill their users’ needs. One of these is flavored condoms.

Aside from being delicious, flavored condoms also have a great scent. Most of the time, these are also available in different colors. For instance, a red condom has a strawberry flavor, while a yellow one has a banana. Other popular variants include chocolate, orange, and mint. Although these are already available in limited quantities, a coffee-flavored one is getting more popular worldwide.

These are great for people who enjoy oral sex. However, when used in vaginal sex, they should be used with sugar-free alternatives as they can affect the balance of the vagina’s ph-value, which could cause infections. You can also choose from various flavored condoms, such as the Durex. Her sensation is a great one right now.

Durex has a wide range of flavored condoms

A Durex condom has various vibrant colors and comes in various scents such as chocolate, vanilla, and tropical banana. The combination of these colors and the scents make these condoms an ideal alternative to regular ones. These condoms are made in the U.S., and each pack measures about 7.5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. They are ideal for people who enjoy having fun with their sexual activities.

Durex her sensation condoms

The Durex her sensation condoms are made with a light pink color and a sensual aroma that’s ideal for women. These are designed to provide a pleasurable experience for women. The combination of these features makes them an ideal choice for people who enjoy sexual pleasure. The Durex her sensation condoms are made from natural rubber latex. They will give you a comfortable feeling every time you use them. What are the effects of using a flavored condom? They also come with a 10 percent extra smooth lubricant to enhance their feel. In addition, these are made with a high-quality synthetic lubricant that’s water-soluble and jelly-like.

Durex Performax condoms

If you are one of those individuals suffering from premature ejaculation, try condoms that contain a lubricant that can help extend your pleasure. Some of these include the Durex Performax and extended pleasure. Durex Performax condoms are designed to address the issue of premature ejaculation, which is one of the most common sexual problems among men. The product features a climate control lubricant that can provide an extended erection. The body heat generated by the performing condoms can then sensitize the users’ bodies to the effects of the warming lubricant. In other words, if you use the product with improper lubricant, the user might experience a numb sensation.

Durex Crown and Rainbow Colors

If you are looking for a variety of colors, then try the Durex Crown and Rainbow Colors. These products are designed to enhance the pleasure of your sexual encounter. Besides providing a smooth and creamy feel, these condoms also come in various fruit flavors. In addition, each of these condoms comes with an individually wrapped package that features an image of an emoji.