The Top 5 Banned Condom Commercials

The Top 5 Banned Condom Commercials

With such a needlessly taboo subject, condom manufacturers struggle to walk the fine line of appropriacy and often go that step too far, often to hilarious results. So, in a tribute to the very best banned condom commercials – and to their creators – I took a look into some of the funniest and wackiest. I was not disappointed.

Number 9: Animated Advice

This commercial from France uses animation to tackle to controversial subject of AIDs and introduces a phallic friend into the equation. The quirky stylings behind this ad are well-executed and give a touch of light-heartedness to an otherwise very serious issue. It’s good to see that doodling on the school desk as a kid has at least paid off for someone.

Number 8: Do the World a Favor

In order to avoid a maternal death during labour; to save a cat from being baked; to cause a child to be hit by a car; a family being butchered; or a bank to be robbed, do the responsible thing and wear a condom. It’s quite a harsh way to sell condoms but I guess if it works, it works.

Number 7: Gut Sheaf

This probably the most stomach-churning thing that I have seen all week. With that being said, I’m struggling to fathom why I find it so damn funny. Yes, condom choice is important….in this bizarre case. I wonder if he grew up to be Ed Gein.

Number 6: Lingering Flavors

Knowing what we know about a fly’s fondness to fruit, we understand the cheeky message that this commercial implies.

Number 5: Nocturnal Emissions Condoms

OK, I cheated on this a little. The blatant use of the word “f*ck” quickly derails this as and actual commercial. The reality of the situation is well-portrayed, however, thus making it deserving of a spot on here. I remember these thoughts all too well. Anyone else?

Number 4: Zazoo, There’s Room for Two


This hilarious commercial from France highlights a very good reason to buy their condoms. We have all seen this when out to get our groceries and some of us have even been on the business end. Regardless, the tantrums of a spoilt child are enough to scare anyone into buying condoms, sacré bleu.

Number 3: Sound Check, 1, 2

When buying a new home, it’s important to check those necessary factors. Does it have a garden? Does it have underfloor heating? Is it acoustically sex noise friendly? All important questions when taking that all important step on to the property ladder.

Number 2: Don’t try this at Home

I’m not sure about what makes this commercial so funny. It’s a definite toss-up between the sound effects and the whole concept of condoms protecting wangs the world over from the dangers of car doors (after all, we have all been there, right?).

Number 1: Try before you buy

With penises (peni?) coming in a seemingly endlessly diverse range of shapes and sizes, some may find it difficult to buy off-the-shelf. With an underwhelming amount of condom tailors, it can be a minefield. Naked Condoms seem to have come up with the perfect solution.