Want to know about the sex contraceptives for men

type of contraception

Actually, some forms of contraception can help prevent pregnancy and others can also help with sexually transmitted diseases. Effective contraception is very important to avoid getting pregnant. All type of contraception is not perfect, and it’s not always risk-free. For instance, your age, current health status, and lifestyle factors can all affect the effectiveness of a particular method. Before you start using any type of contraception, it’s important that you thoroughly consider the pros and cons of each method. This guide will help you to know the various options.


One of the most common types of contraception used by men is condoms, which are designed to prevent semen from entering their female reproductive system. They also provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and HIV. There are a wide variety of Durex condoms are available, and these can be flavored or textured.

The Withdrawal Method:

The withdrawal method, also referred to as the “pull out” method, it is a type of male sexual intercourse that involves withdrawing your penis before you ejaculate. This method does not provide 100% protection against pregnancy.


This procedure is commonly performed by men who are looking to prevent their semen from entering their female reproductive system. It can be done in a short amount of time, and it is usually chosen by those who have had multiple children. The procedure involves the cutting, sealing, or hanging of the vas deferens from both of their testicles.

Natural Solutions:

In some cultures, men also use natural solutions derived from nature to prevent pregnancy. One of these is the extract from the plant “Neem,” which is said to be effective as a contraceptive. A study conducted on mice revealed that the oil from this plant could be an alternative to vasectomy.

In Asian cultures, the seeds from the papaya fruit have been used to prevent pregnancy. In tests, the results of which were presented in monkeys, the seeds were able to remove the semen from the ejaculate.

Few more alternatives

Various forms of male contraception are also being developed, and these are aimed at working in the same way as the products used by women. Men will soon be able to try out these alternative methods by using pills, patches, and injections. Some of the latest alternatives being tested include the use of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug known as adjudin, as well as phenoxybenzamine.

Before you start using any type of male contraception, it is important to realize that it does not have to be the best option for everyone. Besides the type of solution that you choose, the other factors such as the duration of the procedure and the safety of the drug will also affect the effectiveness of the method. While it is important to use some form of contraception during sex, it is also important to take extra care to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and find some expert suggestions for better sex life.