7 Rules for Condoms and Safe Sex

7 Rules for Condoms and Safe Sex

As we move further into the 21st century, condoms are becoming an increasingly vital part of people’s lives. Whether they be for couples that don’t want children or to stay free from infection, for teenagers exploring their sexuality, and all in between; condoms are used by many.

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Not only do they act as a safe – albeit, not infallible – method of birth control, but they also help protect against sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea (the clap), chlamydia, and, far more seriously, HIV and AIDs.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why they are so often the go-to contraception for many couples and single people, the world over. It’s easy to say “wear a condom and you will be safe” but is this really true? No, not at all. We still need to act vigilante and exercise caution when choosing, applying, and using a condom. Here are seven solid rules for safe sex.

Novelty condoms aren’t any use

Yes, while it’s fun to wave your genitals around in the dark, wearing a glow-in-the-dark condom and making lightsaber noises, they don’t offer the protection you would expect in a condom. Novelty condoms are just exactly what they say they are “novelty”. Avoid using these for any actual sexual activity beyond foreplay. It’s always a good rule of thumb to stick to well-known and reputed brands such as Trojan and Durex.

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Avoid the use of lubrication when using condoms

Condoms are coated with their own lubrication. If you need further lubrication, avoid petroleum-based products like Vaseline. Instead, try and find lubrication that is designed to be used with condoms. Large brands, such as Trojan and Durex stock lubrication that’s safe to use.

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Be careful when you’re opening them

By recklessly tearing open a packet with your teeth, toenails, garden shears, or a fingernail, you are taking the risk of the condom not doing the job it’s supposed to. Carefully remove the condom from the wrapper by making a small tear on the packet and gently ripping across to release your protective pal from its shiny, slippery jail in one piece.

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Avoid certain acts of Foreplay while not Wearing a Condom

While hands are OK, it is better to avoid any contact between the penis and the mouth, anus, or female genitalia (excluding breasts) before you put a condom on. Also, a new condom should be used for each act of intercourse, or if you choose to change the intercourse type (anal, oral, floral) during your horizontal jogging expedition. It’s also a bad idea to wear one to work in preparation for the evening. It just falls off and out of your trouser leg, causing Jenny from accounts to laugh.

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Never use Out-of-Date Condoms for Safe Sex

Yes, sorry lads. It’s time to replace that rubbery ring of hope that you have had in your wallet since 1997. Old condoms don’t only lose their lubricative ways over time, they also start to disintegrate. In most cases where a condom is used, they’re used to do an important job. Whether that be to drastically reduce the chance of pregnancy between partners or to protect against STIs, their work is vital.

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Check the Condition of the Condom when you Open it

I know that pulling the magnifying glass out in the throes of passion, not only gives the male severe insecurities, it’s also quite the mood-killer. However, giving the condom a quick once-over won’t do any harm. Check for stickiness, immediately apparent holes, or overly thin material. A quick check should be fine.

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Condoms, while extremely effective, aren’t always 100% safe. However, by following the above advice, you can dramatically increase the safety and reliability of the world’s favorite contraception. The above is nothing much more than common sense. That being said, we have all done silly things in the past without thinking. Just don’t make a silly mistake that could turn your life around, in a variety of different ways. Remember, safe sex doesn’t always mean dull sex.