7 Non-Sexual Uses for Condoms

7 Non-Sexual Uses for Condoms

While the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about condoms is sex; they have a lot more uses. Here, I will go into my top 10 uses for a condom (that don’t involve sex). Great news for those guys reading that optimistically bought a bumper pack of condoms for their trip to Ibiza.

A Condom can hold up to 2-Litres of Water

In fact, soldiers often carry condoms for this very reason (and another one, that I will do into soon. There’s no need to worry, it’s SFW). A condom is an extremely useful bit of kit to pack if you’re out camping, hiking, hunting or stalking the office secretary.

We all know how important it is to have water in a survival situation, so why not pack one on your next trip out? It may just save your life.

A condom can hold up to 2-liters of water

You can use a Condom to Keep your Fruit Nice and Fresh

Moreover, not only will it keep your 5-a-day as fresh as the day it was picked (although, I would use one condom per food item); it will do so for weeks. Imagine the looks of jealousy you will get when you slide your totally fresh banana from its latex sleeve during your next office lunch break. You will be the talk of the town in no time, and I speak here from experience.

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A Condom makes a Handy Ice Pack.

Yes, that’s right; by mixing one part of rubbing alcohol to three parts water, you can fill a condom up to turn it into an ice pack. Just one more reason to take one along on those camping trips with the lads (but make sure you explain as assumptions can be embarrassing). After all, who doesn’t carry a bottle of rubbing alcohol with them when experiencing the great outdoors?

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7 Non-Sexual Uses for Condoms 8

They Make Great Firestarters (Twisted Firestarters)

As if to hammer home the point that you should always pack a condom into your survival kit, I present number 7, fire starters. Condoms that don’t have any lubrication make fantastic fire starters. Just tear one into strips, place it under your kindling and light. A condom will burn for a good few minutes, giving you an ideal tool for starting – what could be – a lifesaving fire.

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Condoms can be used as Waterproof Bandages

Yet another survival use for a condom and one to definitely keep in mind. If anyone on your survival expedition suffers a deep cut; simply whip out your condom (ignoring all the calls of ‘this is not the time’), cut one end off, and slide the versatile contraception over the cut. You now have a waterproof bandage that will keep the injury free from infection. After all, who wants to lose a limb due to a nasty cut?

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You can turn a Condom into a Waterproof Phone Protector

That’s right, are you planning on running from the police and escaping by jumping into the Atlantic and swimming to freedom? Pop your phone into a condom to ensure your aquatic pursuit doesn’t end with a water-logged Samsung. Of course, there’s more than one situation that this tidbit of information might just help you out with.

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Number 1 – Condoms are great for keeping soda or beer fizzy. Is there anything worse than a flat beer or can of soda? We have your back. Grab your emergency condom and roll it over the top of the can. This will keep your drink fresh while keeping dust particles out.

Remember, Always Keep a Condom on you (Even if you have no Apparent use for one)

As the above lays out, there’s many reasons why you don’t want to be caught short without a condom, and they’re not all about sex. Keep a condom on you at all times, you never know when it will come in handy.

Disclaimer: it’s always best to first tell your partner why you’re always carrying a condom.