Why a Condom is the Best Contraceptive Method

Why a Condom is the Best Contraceptive Method

Condoms are so widely used that it’s easy to see that they are the best contraceptive method to use. Why is this though? Here are some good reasons why condoms are king.

The Prevention of STIs and STDs

I’ll start with one of the more obvious reasons, STI/STD infection. While other methods of contraception work well to avoid pregnancies, condoms are the only contraceptive that can actually prevent you from catching STIs and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections, Sexually Transmitted diseases). There’s nothing that can quite kill the mood like asking your new partner if he or she has an STI, for example. Infections and diseases caught through sexual intercourse can lead to inflammation, itching, odors, and discharge, how arousing.

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On a far more serious note, HIV is still quite commonplace in today’s society. As most of us know, HIV is a serious condition as it leads to AIDS (Auto-Immune Deficiency). Given the information that 690,000 people died from AIDs in 2019 (thank you, https://www.unaids.org/en/resources/fact-sheet). As sure as you can be about a new partner, there’s always an underlying risk. After all, it isn’t just needle-using addicts and gay men that can be inflicted.

Condoms are the Most Effective Contraceptive for Pregnancy Prevention

When used correctly, condoms have a 98% effectiveness for preventing pregnancies; making them the best ‘tool for the job’, so to speak. Millions of pregnancies are being avoided by the use of condoms every year. Giving teenagers access to family planning and free condoms saw a dramatic decrease in teen pregnancies, laying testament to the capability of the world’s favorite contraceptive.

However, 98-percent still leaves us with a 2-percent chance of unwanted, unaffordable pregnancy. It’s always advised to use a condom in conjunction with another form of contraceptive like the pill or an implant. It all depends on how safe from pregnancy you would like to be.

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Condoms can make sex a far more Enjoyable Experience, for both Parties

Yes, gone are the days when condoms were in inch thick and took all of the fun out of sex. Now condoms come in all shapes and sizes. Ribbed condoms, for instance, give the female (or receiver) a sensation that heightens their experience. On the other hand, we see condoms that also cater to the male with tingling lubrications; cleverly placed lumps and bumps; and live football results. Furthermore, by slightly desensitizing the penis, condoms can prolong sexual intercourse. Great news for a lot of women and any men suffering from premature ejaculation.

The condom doesn’t stop at conventional intercourse too. They come in a multitude of different flavors, encouraging oral sex and offering a tasty snack that fits snuggly in your pocket.

Condoms don’t Carry and Side-Effects

While a large minority of people are allergic to latex, there is no risks of side-effects that are otherwise found in other contraceptive methods, such as the implant or the pill. The issue surrounding latex is far smaller than it once was too. If latex causes any irritation to either partner, then latex-free counterparts can be found alongside conventional latex condoms.

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Plastic condoms, as awful as they sound, are a great solution to latex allergies. These are made from soft plastics such as polyurethane, nitrile and polyisoprene and feel exactly like regular latex condoms (according to brands).

In a Nutshell

To summarize, condoms are the perfect choice of contraception for both STI/STD prevention and avoiding unwanted pregnancies. They can offer heightened sexual pleasure to both parties, without throwing in any of the nasty side-effects associated with other methods of contraception. Moreover, they make the whole experience last longer.

As embarrassing as it is going to the counter to pick up a pack-of-three, it’s far less embarrassing than going to the doctors with genital irritation and far less expensive than having a child.

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