Have protected sex with the help of branded condom and it will not break

Have protected sex with the help of branded condom and it will not break

When it comes to having sex, you will need to protect yourself from getting pregnant or sexually transmitted diseases. This article will help you choose the right type of condom for your sexual encounter. In order to prevent you from getting the wrong one, follow these steps. Effective tips for using condoms Before you start […]

two condoms

Is it safe to wear two condoms at once?

One of the most important ways to prevent pregnancy is by wearing a condom during intercourse. This is because it provides protection against sexually transmitted diseases. However, some people have also asked if it’s enough. While it’s important to be extra cautious when it comes to sexual activity, wearing two condoms is not the best […]

type of contraception

Want to know about the sex contraceptives for men

Actually, some forms of contraception can help prevent pregnancy and others can also help with sexually transmitted diseases. Effective contraception is very important to avoid getting pregnant. All type of contraception is not perfect, and it’s not always risk-free. For instance, your age, current health status, and lifestyle factors can all affect the effectiveness of […]

contraceptives advantages and disadvantages

Want to know about contraceptives advantages and disadvantages

If you’re sexually active and not have a plan to get pregnant, then you might have to consider using some form of contraception. It can be a bit challenging to find the right one for your situation. There are also many effective options for people with a uterus. Although condoms are the only type of […]

How often do condoms fail

How is a condom not 100 effective?

Normally, all forms of contraception are designed to prevent pregnancy, condoms can also help to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. It helps to prevent the spread of infections and helps women avoid getting pregnant. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the questions that surround the use of condoms. One of the most common […]

Research the usual condom effects on health and make a good decision

Research the usual condom effects on health and make a good decision

Sex health-conscious men and women will use condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. They understand and bear in mind that the condom is one of the best and greatest inventions are known to mankind and is designed to assist users to avoid the perils of sexually transmitted diseases and unnecessary pregnancy. You […]

Does condom have any side effect

Do condom have any side effect?

A condom is one of the most recommended methods of contraception in our time. Effective contraceptive methods aid in pregnancy prevention. Proper use of condoms is associated with birth control. A condom is designed to give an array of benefits apart from birth control. The absolute protection from sexually transmitted infections is one of the […]

Do you know how effective is a condom

Do you know how effective is a condom?

High-quality condoms are known for their maximum percentage of effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, they must be properly used. All beginners to the condoms are advised to follow the absolute guidelines to use the condom every time they have oral, anal, or vaginal sex. They have to know and keep in […]