condom side effects for females

Be aware of the common condom side effects for females

A condom is a popular method of birth control and it successfully works by forming a good barrier. It blocks the route through which sperm takes to fertilize an egg. It is known for its excellent benefits like prevention of the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Effective use of condoms reduces the risk of syphilis, […]

Are Durex condoms reliable

Reliable Durex condoms give remarkable benefits to all users

Every user of the condoms will get 100% satisfaction and ensures an array of favorable things from properly using these condoms. Durex is one of the most popular and recommended brands of condoms. This brand has happy and regular customers worldwide. Everyone with an interest to buy and use condoms can explore the recent updates […]

flavored condoms

What are the effects of using flavored condoms?

Due to the increasing number of people wanting more sexual pleasure, the condom industry has been working hard to create various types to fulfill their users’ needs. One of these is flavored condoms. Aside from being delicious, flavored condoms also have a great scent. Most of the time, these are also available in different colors. […]

Durex condom flavors

Want to know the types of Durex condom flavors

Normally, flavored condoms are targeted toward oral sex. Many people enjoy engaging in oral sex with their partners but a few don’t like the taste of their partner’s penis. With various flavors, you can easily replace your partner’s penis with a flavored condom. Besides being targeted toward oral sex, other types of condoms have also […]

Is a condom still a thing

Is a condom still a thing?

The sexual pleasure of men and women is the foundation of their relationship. Therefore, is a condom still a thing? people must understand the importance of having a healthy sexual relationship. However, it is also very dangerous to get infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This is why people must be aware of […]

Durex condom

Why is the Durex condom better than other Condoms?

For many years, the Durex condom has tried its best to fulfill the needs of adults in a relationship. The company has been known to develop innovative products that can increase the pleasure of its users while protecting them from sexually transmitted diseases. Around a billion Durex condoms are made annually in various parts of […]

Talk Safe Sex

Lets Talk About SAFE Sex

Sex is a wonderful way to show the person you love that you love them both emotionally, and physically. However good sex is, safe sex is always better unless you plan on starting a family. If you are not planning on starting a family there are many ways to protect and prevent pregnancy, however, you […]

How to Have Safe Sexual Activity

How to Have Safe Sexual Activity

If you are like most teenagers then high school is a very important time in your life. It is also a time when you are more interested in boys than ever and boys will be more interested in females than ever and this is a situation that leads to sexual tension. The majority of high […]