How to Have Safe Sexual Activity

If you are like most teenagers then high school is a very important time in your life. It is also a time when you are more interested in boys than ever and boys will be more interested in females than ever and this is a situation that leads to sexual

Importance of Safe Sex

HIV or AIDS is incurable. The infection, once transmitted, cannot be reversed, though advanced medical treatments do help to delay the progression of the disease. Adequate protection is therefore of utmost importance. One important way to ensure this is to always practice safe, or protected sex. Safe sex can also

7 Rules for Condoms and Safe Sex

As we move further into the 21st century, condoms are becoming an increasingly vital part of people’s lives. Whether they be for couples that don’t want children or to stay free from infection, for teenagers exploring their sexuality, and all in between; condoms are used by many. Not only do